Friday, October 3, 2008

Wood and Bone Natural Look

Being African American I love the natural look of the wood, bone and horn combinations. I find there is so much you can do with them whether you use leather, or string the beads on wire. I found it is also a great way to branch out into men's jewelry too.

This piece here is one that I like to knock around with. It was real simple to make. I used 4mm leather and tied a slip knot to secure the groups of beads in place. I made it adjustable so that the necklace length can be long or short depending on my mood.

This next piece was my first piece for men, I actually made for my dad. It's groups of wooden beads separated by single carved bone tubes. The focal point is a carved bone arrow head with curved golden horn tubes on either side. This was strung on beading wire.


Anonymous said...

I also love wood, bone, horn, shell and other natural beads in addition to glass, crystal, metal - oh well, I really love them all.

Very nice job on the necklaces.

Johnna said...

Thank you yes I like the combination with metal also and I do work with glass and semi precious but the natural ones are what I enjoy most.