Friday, September 26, 2008

Where I go for beads...

Right now since I'm still in the mostly pleasure stage as opposed to the business pleasure stage there are only a few places that I get my beads from. I think its important to really check on prices and shop wisely when you branch out into the business end of it so you will usually end up buying in bulk.

  • If I'm not getting ready for a show and I want to do a "one of a kind" piece, I may go to Beadworks on Thayer Street. They have some pretty unique stuff. The advantage is that I can get it NOW when I'm in a rush. The disadvantage is their prices.

  • Another "walk in" place I discovered about 2 years ago was Michael's Craft Store. The one in RI has a Bead Gallery section where they sell strands of beads at a somewhat decent price. I get picky about what kind of glass beads I will use and they had some nice ones. They also had some nice shell beads.

  • I mainly like to work with semi precious, wood, bone and horn all of these plus my findings I usually get from several places on line. They are eebeads , Shipwreck Beads and Fire Mountain Gems and Beads
This set was made using beads from eebeads and Shipwreckbeads:
From Sets


Barbara said...

I love the "tribal heads" you have in your sets and earrings. Those are so cool!

Do you make a lot of sets, over and over, or do you tend to make one-of-a-kind more?

Johnna said...

I tend to make one of a kind sets and but earrings i will make the same of. However if I get a special request from someone I may use the same beads and make some changes to the design for sets.